Kundalini Yoga Bibliography


Beginners Manuals:

“Kundalini Yoga – The Flow of Eternal Power” by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa is a great beginner’s book, and very inexpensive. You can find it and most kundalini yoga books at ancient healing ways website.

“Kundalini Yoga – For Body, Mind, and Beyond” by Ravi Singh is the book I started with, and I still love many of the sets in it. It’s also fairly inexpensive. You can find it at his online site, www.raviyoga.com. or there seems to be another URL for him: http://www.raviana.com/

Gurmukh has written a book that has much wider distribution, and you can find it in any Barnes & Noble. It’s called The Eight Human Talents“. It is more of a hodgepodge of yogic experience and knowledge, arranged by chakra. It’s excellent too, but it won’t give you any complete yoga sets to do. You might enjoy her videotape. She’s been talking about another book she’s been writing; Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. The first two would be better practical beginners manuals, and her video would be an excellent complement to the books. Ravi Singh’s videos might be too. Gurmukh tends to push you much harder than Ravi Singh, generally speaking. Ravi’s “Warrior Workout” is an exception. You can find his videos at his website.

Other good beginning manuals from Ancient Healing Ways:

· Inner Workout

· Keeping Up With Kundalini Yoga

· Kundalini Yoga Manual for Beginners

· Owners Manual for the Human Body (has several excellent sets that many people do regularly)

· Sadhana Guidelines

The last two would be my first recommendations, after Shakti and Ravi’s books.

Yogic Philosophy:

You might also enjoy “Guru for The Aquarian Age The Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak.” It’s more about the origins of Sikh philosophy, which is the foundation of Kundalini yoga as well.

“How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali” by By Swami Prabhavananda & Christopher Isherwood is one of those classic yoga books. It’s a bit harder to get through and less practical than the how-to manuals.

Also check out the “Man to Man” series of lectures by Yogi Bhajan, available at Ancient Healing Ways. Also his “Master’s Touch” book, a bit pricey at $50, but an incredible collection of meditations and lectures in one volume.

Many Kundalini Yoga “meditation” involve movement or yogic postures and chanting, so the idea of meditation presented here is somewhat different than, say, Buddhist Meditation. But they achieve similar ends.



Other Kundalini Yoga Manuals:

Fountain of Youth

compiled by Sumpuran Khalsa, illustrated by Wahe Guru Kaur

www.women.3ho.org (dead link?)

This excellent manual is a compilation of sets from Women’s Camp.

Another Women’s Camp manual is Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy. Unfortunately this manual is out-of-print, and you have to ask around to find a copy.

I love Gururattan Kaur’s manual Sexuality and Spirituality. Another great manual by her is Transitions to a Heart Centered World.” She has other great manuals as well. She is located in the San Diego area.


Harijot Kaur has put together a number of excellent manuals. I have four, although I think she has six or more out. Among them are:

Self Experience

Physical Wisdom

Self Knowledge

Owner’s Manual for the Human Body (a must-have for any serious practioner)

Infinity and Me

She has helped Guru Prem Singh write and publish an excellent manual called Divine Alignment. He is one of the few Kundalini Yoga teachers who brings an excellent mastery and knowledge of proper alignment and position to his teaching practice.

Ravi Singh also wrote a great manual called Kundalini Yoga for Strength, Success, and Spirit. I think it may be out of print. It includes short yoga sets that target certain chakras or body areas; these can be practiced alone or strung together to make longer sets. Shakta Kaur has written a number of great manuals, with a number of different publishers. One of her specialties is yoga for children. We had her speak at our teachers’ network meeting here in LA, and it left me interested in obtaining and reading her manuals as well.

www.shaktakhalsa.com/ or www.childrensyoga.com/

Gurutej Kaur has created a number of great DVDs, and I’d recommend them as well. www.theblessingscenter.com

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