Do Prosperity Meditations Change You?

During tonight’s radiance meditation I found myself wondering about doing prosperity meditations when your life targets are questionable. If a murderer was doing prosperity meditations, would he get away with more? Would a thief succeed in a hit on a bigger bank? Well, I can’t speak from experience on that level, but I am beginning to think that your life goals begin to coalesce into something beyond your best plans once you move into such a practice.

I remember a student in one of my classes who was doing a job she hated – my impression and vague memory was that it required her to dress like a hooker carrying big beer bottles in a dangerous neighborhood as advertising for the beer company. After the yoga set, her throat turned bright red as she discussed her frustrations and feelings of being demeaned – and left unsafe – by the job. What was fascinating to those of us talking with her was her throat chakra opening up, literally glowing vibrant red, as she “recovered her voice” and spoke her truth. She later told me she’d moved on from the job, and I think that class had been a turning point for her. I wish I remembered the details more clearly now, or her name, but perhaps anonymity will serve the point better anyway.

I listened to a good bit of Byron Katie tonight (“You Need My Love, is that true?”), and Teal Swan on YouTube talking about feelings. I was left with a message about self-acceptance, and wondering what I feel I have to change to “get” the perfect job or relationship. That thread of perfectionism that holds me in the deadlock of self-intolerance, trying to find approval from others instead. The irony is when you don’t accept yourself, approval from others can only be seen as “a lie,” I think Byron Katie called it, or at least a serious misunderstanding on their part, which inevitably leads things to go awry. I’ve seen myself mistreat others from that foundation before, and I’ve been on the receiving end of it from other romantic interests as well. So the question left is, how do you accept yourself and still change the things about yourself that seem to stand in the way of the way you’d like to show up in the world – and your relationships?

Today I’ll be venturing down this route:

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Affirmation – A poem by Haripurkh Kaur Khalsa


If I need your approval to be great,

If your slander can tear me down,

If my dreams are subject to your opinion,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

If fear causes my surrender,

If doubt clouds my mind,

If my clarity is tarnished by my anger,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

If my aim in life lacks altitude,

If I am afraid to be great,

If the thought of failure holds me standing still,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

Everything I will ever need,

I have within my soul.

Everything I need to learn,

The universe will deliver.

Every truth that exists,

The infinity holds within.

Tap into that wisdom,

And let the rejoicing begin.

I will never be average.

I will fail 1,000 times at greatness,

Before I settle for good.

I will go out on the limb,

While the branch is breaking,

If I’m not falling down,

Then I’m not aiming high enough.

Fear is not a factor,

I can always get back up.

If something triggers my fear,

I will fight it until I have it conquered,

Or until I die…

Which ever comes first.

— Haripurkh Kaur Khalsa

(Guru Singh’s daughter)

This poem is published in a book of poems and illustrations by Miri Piri Academy students, available from Guru Singh’s wife, and I believe, through his website.

DailyOM: Harmonizing with the Universe; The Benefits of Singing

March 28, 2008

Harmonizing with the Universe

The Benefits of Singing

Singing is an act of vibration. It takes music from the realm of the unformed– whether that is in your mind or from that magical space of inspiration–and moves it from within to without. From the first breath singing moves the energy in a circular way inside your body. As the breath fills your lungs, it brushes against the second and third chakras—the centers of creation and honoring self and others. Instead of merely exhaling, pushing the air past the fourth and fifth chakras where heart charka and the center of will and intention reside, singing engages both the heart and mind. Sound vibrations from vocal chords resonate in the sinus cavities, filling the head with motion and sound while the brain lights up with the processing of the mathematics of music. This marriage of activities brings the third eye into play and opens the door for inspiration from the crown chakra before sending the sound out into the world.

Once the vibration begins, it is sustained with each note, moving throughout your body and the space around you. This can help you to harmonize your frequency with the world and with the divine. The use of the voice can bring about catharsis, a cleansing from the expression of emotion, which is why we feel better after singing certain types of songs. All of this occurs even if we are not conscious of what we are singing, but when we really connect with an intention, the power of the voice and music together are powerful tools in creation.

Even if you are not a singer by nature or talent, you are not left out. If you have a voice, it is your birthright to celebrate life with song. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel you have a nice voice. Chanting or humming, singing solo or with others, your voice is yours to enjoy. Whether you sing along to the radio or use vocalization as part of your meditation time, singing and harmonizing are healing activities that bring your body’s vibrations into alignment with the universe.