Meet Monty Python’s BRUCE Singh; arcline and karma zapping

Just imagine them wearing white turbans instead of Brit army safari garb:

Sometimes the 3HO Sikh names drive me nuts, because you never know who the heavens you’re talking about – everybody has the same blessed name!

Today: Wanted to do the “Four Exercises to Welcome Success and Happiness and Expel Grief and Guilt” but pre-Mercury retrograde shadow phase was in full force as the Police wreaked havoc with Hollywood traffic while I tried to make my way to Wattles mansion again, so I just got to do my 11 min. “Har” before a meeting, then zipped, or should I say “crawled” cross-town to Silverlake for OneTaste’s “TurnOn” at a small yoga studio on Effie Street. The intimacy-building pull-your-hiding-in-the-corner-covers games were actually really refreshing, and I was glad I finally had the courage to show up, walk in, (I’d gone once before but got cold feet and left before going inside) and find out what they were about. They couldn’t get me to impulse-register for their workshop yet though. But I was swept up in a rush of energy afterwards, which I hadn’t anticipated. I stocked up on groceries and, as usual at Silverlake, ran into a couple of friends at Trader Joes before they closed. I’d finished off the last of my yogic cooking before I left home. Can’t you smell my garlic breath? Got a nice Pho meal at the relatively new, very trendy Vietnamese place near home. It used to be a really dumpy donut shop; between it and the Cafe Solar de Cahuenga up the street, I’m predicting the adjacent old Mexican supermarket’s days are numbered. Gentrification, baby.

Before bed, “Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas” p. 208 MT – this is actually the same exercise as the first of the four exercise set, but for 31 minutes with “Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jeo,” which was part of the Aquarian Sadhana, but usually 22 minutes long in that context, so I had to run a couple of sadhana versions together for the music. Basically you just keep throwing your karma back over your shoulders as you scoop your palms over your shoulders from resting – palms up – on your knees.

I’m still pretty “awake” but don’t expect I’ll stay up through sadhana, which I’d fantasized about heading over to if I’d gotten to sleep earlier. I think I’ll continue for the rest of the 4 part set, but for the minimum times (11 min + 3 + 3).

Meditation to Make Monkeys Fly Outta Your Butt

This was an extremely secret meditation, only revealed to the most adept and devoted yogi. Because if you practiced it, you could summon the powers of the wicked Witch of the West, and control men and woman and cause tornadoes. So do you really think I’m gonna tell you how to do it after all that? And you really think that – for the price of a single yoga class – I’m gonna reveal sacred secrets to you when you can’t even quiet your mind for an eleven minute meditation? Go home, watch TV. Go to sadhana (although the chants prescribed were actually only supposed to be practiced through the onset of the age of aquarius, which is already upon us). See if you’re really committed to learning this kriya.