You’ve found your way to Himat Singh’s blog somehow. Maybe it’s destiny. Maybe not.

Himat is hoping to share honestly his yogic progress, doubts, perseverance, and peak experiences with anybody who’ll take the time to read his reflections. He’s a cynic with more than a small seed of faith in the process, and a willingness to objectively examine the ironies of the practice. If you don’t have a sense of humor, perhaps you should be somewhere else, as he thinks there ought to be some fun in the process. If you’ll give him the time, perhaps you might learn something that will help you; or maybe you’re here to contribute comments that will help him and others. You’re encouraged to dig through the reflections and information and contribute your own thoughts.

Sat Namasté.


Some info about Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Why do I say “as taught by Yogi Bhajan?”
Well, throughout my practice, I’ve encountered a number of people who’ve studied other approaches to Kundalini Yoga. There are Japanese schools of Kundalini, other Indian schools, and Tibetan approaches that I’ve heard mentioned.

Some of the content on these pages was excerpted from a discussion board I ran and includes some funny reactions to this wild and whacky yoga stuff. If that bothers you, just remember yoga is supposed to help you become more flexible; in both mind and body. Meanwhile I’ll remember that it’s also supposed to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit, to help endure the tests of this lifetime.

I’ve collected a variety of yoga sets, information, and resources here for anyone interested in this practice. These aren’t intended as definitive guides on the subject, but reflect my practice, training as a teacher, and encounters with other yogis. Many of these simply have turned out to be resources I’ve shared with interested friends.

I strongly encourage you to find and purchase some of my recommended Kundalini Yoga Books for those interested in knowing more and trying the other sets presented here.


Teacher’s Training Practicum Exam at Sada Sats’ former Los Angeles Home

So I’ll let you in on the background of that picture above. At the end of the teacher’s training, we had to teach a set to our other teachers and were evaluated on it. That’s Himat on the left, Sada Sat Singh, Ezra – who has gone on to bring Kundalini Yoga teaching to Turkey, and – I think – Natalia Lebedeva/Nirbhoa Kaur, who has done a lot to teach the Russian community in Hollywood.

Why bring a chair when you can do chair pose? – on Montauk Beach (Ditch Plains) in the early 1990’s; my respite from Manhattan

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