Fingers of Steel and Har Meditations

When I was in full swing with this blog, I had started doing the “Fingers of Steel” meditation every day, along with an 11 minute “Har” meditation. I haven’t skipped a day since! OK, there have been a few days where I collapsed exhausted, and did the meditation when I woke up, and then before going to bed that night, but there haven’t been any 24 hour periods that went by without me doing them. Which is a big claim, but it’s true. Yes, there’ve been some days where my heart wasn’t in it, or I was ridiculously distracted, but I’ve managed to find 28 minutes of every day to continue with them. There’s a post in here where I first started counting the days, so I’ll let you know when I figure out how many days that’s been.

OK, with a little help from MS Excel, I figured out that I started Fingers of Steel on June 22, 2014 – it’s April 20, 2019 = 1763 days.
I started the daily Har meditation May 12, 2014 = 1804 days.

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