Site recovered – I think!

I think I’ve fixed all the images that disappeared (“got detached from their posts”) so this site seems to be “back up” and fully functional.

Fingers of Steel and Har Meditations

When I was in full swing with this blog, I had started doing the “Fingers of Steel” meditation every day, along with an 11 minute “Har” meditation. I haven’t skipped a day since! OK, there have been a few days where I collapsed exhausted, and did the meditation when I woke up, and then before going to bed that night, but there haven’t been any 24 hour periods that went by without me doing them. Which is a big claim, but it’s true. Yes, there’ve been some days where my heart wasn’t in it, or I was ridiculously distracted, but I’ve managed to find 28 minutes of every day to continue with them. There’s a post in here where I first started counting the days, so I’ll let you know when I figure out how many days that’s been.

OK, with a little help from MS Excel, I figured out that I started Fingers of Steel on June 22, 2014 – it’s April 20, 2019 = 1763 days.
I started the daily Har meditation May 12, 2014 = 1804 days.

Site Recovery Underway

The old version of this blog got hacked and detached the images from all the posts, so I’m in the process of restoring everything, since I still have all the images. If you read a post and it only has filenames in blue amidst the text, that’s why.