Sirgun’s Infinity’s Cup, Deathlessness, Prevailing Thou, Knowing Thou, Opening Chakras, whaddabout “Thee”?

Meditation to Relate to Your Deathlessness (Master’s Touch p. 283)

Meditation to Let “Thou” Prevail (MT p. 291)
The “Live Long and Prosper” Spock meditation…

I’m considering trying to do a work exchange at Bhakti Fest again this year, but it’s quite late to be applying. It wasn’t clear if Sirgun Kaur was handling the work exchange coordination this year, so I thought I’d look to her blog for clues. I read this post by her, which tells of the events leading to her meeting her very nice husband, who actually showed me how to tie a house turban at Bhakti Fest last year. Infinity’s Cup: Yogi Stories: Finding Love in the Kundalini Yoga World.

Afterwards, tonight, I did “Fingers of Steel” kriya, and then “Har” without music, instead listening to So Purkh, recited by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa. Boy did that have a different dynamic to it… actually quite remarkablely  deeper. I somehow kept envisioning the yoni mudra during it. I suspect I might be opening up a relationship can of worms (or blessings) beyond what I could anticipate if I continue this combination. What would THAT be like? : )

Spirit Voyage has a version I like a bit more by Nirinjan Kaur. I thought it was actually recorded by Sirgun Kaur, but realized she’d just linked to it from her blog.

It’s already after midnite (Monday/Tues AM now). I’ve been having a horrible time with sleep cycles since Saturday night. I went out to Leo Carillo Beach and met some friends for a potluck that eve, and decided to do my meditations on a scenic overlook on Encinal Canyon Road just above PCH as I headed home.

This is what it looked like before dark:

At 10:30PM, it was beautiful in a different way, one that the iPhone camera couldn’t quite capture:

I would’ve done them along the beach, but the police seem to patrol PCH late at night, and I didn’t want to be interrupted. I’d taken a sudafed earlier that eve for my allergies, and it didn’t help my meditative state at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish these final Master’s Touch meditations before sleep tonight. Maybe even sadhana? For some reason I’m interested in heading over for it tonight/this morning. I went to a UX Meetup, or class sales event, more accurately, downtown by SciArc tonight, and felt inspired by the energy around those few blocks, filled with design and artist studios, but by the time I got home, that inspired energy had completely dissipated. Sigh. At least I had the remaining tortilla soup I made to restore my equilibrium; I wandered by a bunch of restaurants considering eating somewhere in the Traction St. neighborhood, or Chinatown, but my healthier food at home kept calling my name….

Meditation to Bring Knowledge of “Thou” (p. 289)

Five Part Meditation to Keep the Chakras Open (p. 320)

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