Golden Bridge Solstice Sadhana, Melting Negativity, Pointing My Steel Fingers, I Sat on my Kriya, Har Har Har

Tuesday I got stuck in traffic as I tried to go to see the movie Maleficent in North Hollywood. Heading from beautiful Bronson Canyon Park to Noho, I wasn’t in the best mood as the day ran later and later and missed my intended screening. But that gave me time to find an Indian grocery store to get mung beans, and discovered one next to the place I always take my recycling for refunds. Reasonably priced Hebrew market adjacent to that too, providing some great pita and spices for chai.

Then I looked on the map for a close park, and ended up near one that was almost all soccer fields. Fine, except there wasn’t anyplace especially nice to do yoga. I finally settled on a tree looking over a fenced in lawn. Kinda nasty, but as I did my Fingers of Steel Kriya and Har meditation, I got to watch squirrels and groundhogs and birds frolic in the field.

I sat myself on the far side of this tree to do my kriyas. Even though it’s pretty hot and dry out, it was a bit muddy. But it worked out fine.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you… guide your way on… to the movie theater!

That night I got to sleep early and woke up in time for sadhana at Golden Bridge. I wasn’t sure if they’d have sadhana while everyone was away at Solstice. I got there a bit late, missed Japji, but caught most of the chanting and interspersed kriyas. A turbaned woman, one of two other attendees, didn’t look too interested in doing the kriyas of Yogi Bhajan recordings during the Wahe Guru Wahe Jeo, and maintained the traditional pose throughout. I was curious to meet the woman who led sadhana but didn’t feel too social. I still wanted to do some more yoga, so I headed to Wattles Park.

This is where I’ve done my previous yoga there:

But this is the tree I chose Wednesday morning. In Espanola, everyone was doing their second day of White Tantric Yoga. This day turned out to be my big yoga day for the week.
As I did my yoga, little bits of pinecones and pine needles dropped on me and my mat. It was early and a few runners and people were out with their dogs. A homeless guy was on the porch of the mansion, and I thought I heard him making some grunting annoyed noises, while I wondered if my chants from the iPhone were annoying him. But I don’t think I was disturbing him. During the day, there have been lots of dog owners on the lawn of the park.

This was the view looking down the hill to Hollywood; beyond these trees is a community garden.

As my day got busier, I didn’t have time to blog about the sets, so I’m a bit hazy on which I did; I think I did Sat Kriya workout and the meditation to melt negativity. (I’ll have to add pics for that sometime soon) Later, when I got home I finally did then Fingers of Steel and Har meditations.

Later in the day, after eating, I got sort of tired, irritable, and jumpy. But it was a pretty good day, overall.

I continued doing the Fingers of Steel and Har meditations Thursday; I got some hurdles accomplished with a music software project I’ve been chipping away at for ages, turning the enormous books into pdfs with the help of Xerox and USC. A friend helped out greatly in that respect. It felt great to get that done.

Friday I did them again, and began to run around to do some errands. My hips and legs were so sore I could barely run/walk two blocks to the library from where I parked. Then I was stuck in terrible traffic driving around town. I hoped to do a couple sets and my meditations in a small park in Silverlake, but the traffic and parking difficulties didn’t leave much time for it. I ended up doing some Pilates leg circles, Sun Salutations, Bridge/Wheel poses, and then the Fingers of Steel and Har meditations. I was rushing all over that day; the 101 was a parking lot in both directions as I drove over it. But when I headed up near Burbank airport a short time later, I breezed by the jammed traffic in the opposing direction. Nice meeting and dinner with friends that night at Big Boy. I hadn’t had any red meat in a few days. I think it’s becoming less appealing.

Saturday I did Fingers of Steel and Har kriyas again, then played with Brad at Elderberries. Natasha burned her hand badly and I showed her the Ra Ma Da Sa meditation. The next day she said her hand was healed nearly completely. The gig went really well, and they were talking to me about helping “curate” the other music there, or play as a leader instead of a sideman. I’m sort of excited about this possibility. But Saturday evening I went to Target, got some almond milk, and as I was backing out of my parking space, somebody behind me suddenly backed out and hit my car – hard and fast, smashing the tail lights and putting a big dent in the car. We were surprisingly civil with each other, but he wouldn’t admit his fault and even texted later suggesting we “walk away from it” after he did some serious damage to my car and little to his own. Ah well. Insurance claim filed. I’m pretty sure I did the Aad Guray Namay chant right before he hit me. But I couldn’t really remember. It’s pretty much reflex to do it when I fasten my seatbelt now.

Didn’t sleep well last night; woke up too early and tried to go back to sleep instead of sadhana. Then when I got back to sleep, woke up too late and missed the Quaker meeting which I was looking forward to. I’ve been doing a lot of email followup on ride arrangements for people for the upcoming yearly meeting in Marin next month. Later today, another pretty great gig at Elderberries, although the house cleared out while we played and filled up after we finished. Not a good sign. But I got the news today about helping with music there, and they’re asking me to videotape the Ra Ma Da Sa meditation before the next gig Tuesday. We’re discussing having some kirtan in the restaurant – which could be really great as the place has great yogic food offerings and is close to Golden Bridge, also possibly some songwriters I know and maybe some spoken word performers with music.

I did “Har in my car” in the parking lot at Vedanta, and Fingers of Steel under my favorite tree there with a tiny lawn under it. Then at our meditation meeting I did 20 minutes of Karani Kriya, which I hadn’t done for a while. Once again, I’m up late, and it’s looking doubtful I’ll make it to sadhana this morning as I’d hoped earlier. But I caught up on these blog posts. So it goes. Mercury goes direct Tuesday, so I can start signing contracts and traveling safely again, right?

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