Fourth Chakra 1 Meditation + Fingers of Steel Kriya + Har

Today before the Vedanta meditation meeting I was thinking I might respond a bit defensively to someone there, and didn’t want to. Basically I was afraid I’d act like a jerk or be misunderstood. So I did the 11 minute “Meditation for the Fourth Chakra I” from Harijot Kaur’s “Physical Wisdom” manual on the lawn under this beautiful tree next to the temple. During teacher’s training they said if you speak from the heart center, you can’t be misunderstood. Then I walked up to the meeting and saw the person I was concerned about and we exchanged very nice hugs and had a pleasant conversation. I’ve done this meditation many times before, and I think I taught it as part of a group of heart centered sets; I think it’s pretty simple, wonderful, and effective. I usually play Guru Singh’s version of “Hummee Hum Brahm Hum” during it.

During the 20 minute silent meditation period, I had figured out I could do the “Fingers of Steel Kriya” that Rishika Subagh was kind enough to send me a while ago. As usual, I felt a bit self-conscious holding my arms up at 60 degrees in the back of the room while everybody else just sat in chairs with their arms on their knees in silence, but it’s my practice, not theirs, and I sit in back to do my best not to distract or annoy anybody. It was a bit challenging, frankly, but worth it. Afterwards – WOW!

I’m thinking tonight I should make this my next 40 day sadhana!

I had some coffee at the end of our jam this afternoon, and that is certainly playing into the way I feel and felt afterwards, but I had a great discussion with a friend discussing script ideas, and was having such a lot of fun and feeling “on” afterwards. My only regret is that when a stunning neighbor whom I hadn’t met before offered to help me unload my music gear by the elevator at my apartment building, I demurred. Ah well.

Here are the instructions for the kriya, as Rishika conveyed them to me. Hopefully I’ll add photos or illustration soon, as I haven’t found this in any manuals yet. She said she learned it from Yogi Bhajan ten years before sending it to me.

Fingers of Steel Kriya
3 part Kriya:
19-21 minutes total

1st part
Arms up at 60 degrees, elbows locked, and thumb holds down 3 fingers while your wisdom index finger is extended pointed straight and like steel.  Hold this position for 11 to 13 minutes
eyes: stare at an object straight ahead
hold and stretch and squeeze to close this part out

2nd part
arms over head with all fingers touching about 6 to 8 inches over halo Arcline – sometimes people can interlace fingers if it helps
eyes: closed
dream meditate etc 5 min
close out: hold and tighten body release

(Note: I’m doing it wrong in this picture! The arms are held folded on top of each other, perpendicular to the chest, in front of the shoulders)

3rd part
arms up but bent at elbows with forearms on top of each other
Right on left for men, reversed for women
arms form a square coming out from shoulders and neck
(somewhat like “I Dream of Jeannie” pose, if ya know what i mean)
eyes: closed
try to think of nothing which is tough
let shoulders stretch forward in order from keeping them from tightening up
3 min think of nothing
when done: tighten squeeze body release

Hug rib cage and swing left to right adjusting rib cage then give yourself a big hug

If in group, hold hands with everybody; if not in group, arms down and pretend to hold hands of Creator, mother universe etc. (you get the picture)
meditate when done

Practice this kriya and you will flow with courage from the heart and the shifts in consciousness will be easy and you will smile. It may take practice however you will bloom like a flower.

– love and gratitude,

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