The Seat of Power Har Har Har

Tonight went to see “Edge of Tomorrow” 3D using my prosperity theater gift card. Doncha love my 3D glasses? Although I’m not modeling them as worn, doubled on top of my regular glasses. I hadn’t seen a 3D movie using these newer technologies; for somebody who’d been sort of “in” with the techies when 3D was first being advanced for CGI in the 80’s, I feel a bit “out of the loop.” Ah well. The last time I saw a 3D movie I think it was “Kiss Me Kate” 3D in the mid ’80’s with the cyan and red lenses in paper frames and ridiculous dancers jumping out of the screen at you. I guess the screening of “Chinatown” last night, introduced by Robert Towne, with commentary by Mulholland’s grand-daughter Christine, at the Egyptian Theater, was a bit more my speed, and a wonderful suggestion by the charming Friend who accompanied me.  The cars they were driving in the film didn’t seem that much older than the one I drive. Great to see it on a big screen, with the classic Jerry Goldsmith score, although all the banter about the horrible score that got discarded made me curious to hear it too.

Got home late, and really sorta wanted to just “check out” some more, but decided to stick to my yoga commitment and did “The Seat of Power” from Ravi Singh‘s “Kundalini Yoga for Strength, Success, and Spirit” manual.

This is arranged as 4 short kriyas that can be practiced independently or combined with short kriyas for other things; for instance, there’s another section for the heart center following this one. These four are not altogether different from the longer navel power set in another manual of his, although there are a couple exercises that’re not in that set. I’ve been feeling like I’m having trouble following through on things lately and getting easily sidetracked from my supposed “priorities,” so a navel center set seemed in order, although perhaps better planned earlier in the day. They say you’re not supposed to do breath of fire late at night because it wakes you up, but then they say insomnia can be caused by a weak or out-of-balance navel center too. What’s a person to do? I used to hate all these leg lifts, but tonight kind of welcomed them.

Tomorrow is day 40 of uninterrupted daily 11 minute “Har” meditations, so I didn’t want to skip that tonight, and did it after the navel set. The Master’s Touch 25th Pauri “Meditation to Change Poverty Into Prosperity” is up next too; I’ve done that meditation tons of times, but didn’t remember that you’re supposed to do Bhangra dancing afterwards. It’s a bit late for that tonight.

I’m realizing I’d really hoped to spend a good portion of this week doing some serious yoga on my own since I couldn’t get to Espanola for summer solstice or IKYTA conference or Peace Prayer Day, but there’ve been other good things happening this week instead. However I feel like I’ve been sloughing off on any serious yoga the last few days too. I’ve found it often seems more challenging when doing a 40 day kriya sadhana as you approach the 40th day. Often that’s when I want to quit most, although that wasn’t my experience today. I did cook up the onion soup; need to get some mung beans since I seem to have eaten the ones I had, and some watermelon too!

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