The “I Think I Left the Stove On” Meditation

“Har…” oh I should tune in… “Ong namo guru dev (Har) namo (Har) Ong Namo (Har) Guru Dev (Har) Namo” (Har) Oh I should turn the fan on… (Har) I wonder what the dance concert tonight (har) will be like (Har) What am I gonna blog about this? (Har) Does this really do anything? (Har) I bet there’s an online version of (Har) this… (Har) I should do a new mix of this music (Har) Why is my mind jumping (Har) all over (Har) the place? (Har) Oh, I’ve been slumping into my (Har) lower back. (Har) Oh wow, 8 minutes… I think I’m finally starting to settle in and become present (Har) wow, what just happened? (Har) It’s like it was resonant musical notes before (Har) and now it’s like a drab monotone (Har) what if I try to feel the breath flowing up against (Har) the roof of my mouth (Har) Oh, that’s better (Har) Aren’t you supposed to (Har) feel the tongue hit the back of the teeth, the roof of the mouth? (Har) Oh, I’m looking at the clock, I must (Har) be fooling myself that I’m really (Har) being present (Har)

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