Meditation to fly off the roof of your car and become found

Went to the Quaker Meeting this morning in Pasadena. Then had coffee with Norma, who lost her husband earlier this year to Parkinsons. Nice to catch up with her. Then I came home & grabbed the bass and the next four Master’s Touch meditations; put the meditations on the roof of my car as I loaded the bass into it. I drove off to play with Kevin at Elderberries. Had a nice time with Donna and Natasha and Kevin. As I was leaving Elderberries to go to my meditation meeting, I went to look for the meditations and realized I’d never taken them off the roof. I drove back to my building, which fortunately is fairly close by, drove through the parking lot, and onto the street again, and found three of them in the street, now with a rather unique antiqued “run over on the road” texture to them. I’m not sure if I was more surprised to have forgotten them on the roof or to have found them again! I have the Master’s Touch book, but have xeroxed the meditations to make them easier to move through. So….

1) Shabd Hazaaray / Healing the Wounds of Love 11 repetitions while driving
2) Moon Kriya, p. 152 which is quite similar to the 11 min. “Har” meditation but with the hands in fists and in front of the heart center.
3) Dancing Hands meditation p. 170
We did a variation of this during sadhana last Thursday morning.
Did 20 mins. during the meditation meeting; about to continue for 62 mins. total
4) 11 min. “Har”

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