Experiencing myself and pita from heaven

1) 3 min. Sat Kriya
2) Master’s Touch p. 142: “Warrior’s Exercise for Opening the Energy into the Shushmanaa & Balancing the Hemispheres of the Brain”
(It takes longer to read that meditation’s title out loud than to actually do the meditation…)
3) “Experiencing the Original You” p. 43 from Self Knowledge, about 12 mins. long
4) 11 min. “Har”
5) 11 recitations of Shabd Hazaaray
Before the final shabd chanting, I took a walk across Hollywood to return some library books, and forgot to bring my wallet. Most of what’s in it is earmarked for gas right now anyway. By the time I got to the library, I was wishing I had brought it since I was getting hungry. I put on the shabd, and before I’d gotten through one verse, I came upon 2 “to go” containers filled with fresh greek food, apparently left out for the homeless or the hungry yogi. Well, the pitas and pilaf looked fresh, and hopefully was safe to eat. Then I put the shabd back on, and started chanting, and here’s a bag of pennies lying along the sidewalk. 87 cents. Interesting, hmmm? OK, it’s not like that’s gonna pay the rent, but it won’t hurt either.

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