Understand Your Goodness; Lotus Prayer

1. ) “To Understand Your Goodness” from the old teacher’s training notebook manual, taken from Self Knowledge p. 29
It’s the “hyper-extend your lower back and then spank yourself” set. I chose it because it’s short, and have to head across town soon, actually should’ve left already, but I’d rather stay home doing yoga. I generally find driving to the west side, especially during rush hour – and on a Friday – to be a headache.

I listened to “Tum Karo Daya Mere Sai” which I got from Kundalini Live Sukh’s up near Monterey. That recording has completely bewitched me.

2.) 11 min. “Har”
3.) “Lotus Prayer for Prosperity & Projection unto Victory” MT p. 114

Like many yoga manual kriyas, the instructions refer to a recording I don’t have (and I have quite a lot) and it isn’t on Sikhnet. So I listened to Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru by Wahe Guru Kaur & Sat Kirin Kaur while chanting the mantra above, although you’re supposed to just listen to it. It’s distracting to try to do both.

I may just chant “Healing the Wounds of Love” (Shabd Hazaray) on the drive across town.

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