Plunging into a new personal sadhana

So, not having posted here in ages, I’m back. Not that I was “away” but the blog was down for a while. Dealing with career impasses, I’ve started doing the “Meditation to Attract Opportunities” as a daily sadhana. This morning, or rather end of yesterday, was day 5. I’ve been doing the warmup for 11 mins., the first 8 hariangs per breath for 22 mins, and the last 16 hariangs per breath for 31 minutes. The first four days were BRUTAL. It’s been interesting watching all the ways I procrastinate before starting, and then am kicking and screaming in my head throughout. Today was quite a bit better, however.  I’ve come to understand that the longer I go without meditating regularly, the harder it is to plunge through the mishigas that’s accumulated once I try to get started again. Mostly it’s been a lot of self-loathing and frustration that hovers around me throughout it. Today was better, not necessarily because that wasn’t there, but perhaps because my mind was bouncing around to lots of other things as I chanted.

Yesterday I also did an intermediate reformer Pilates set and the 55 minute Subugh Kriya. I figured, feeling as stuck as I’ve been, I probably needed to try to make a spiritual and physical connection of that magnitude to try to re-adjust my attitude and psyche. So then I tried to go to a gallery opening in the evening, and it was rather comical. Thinking I knew exactly where the gallery was, I arrived to find it closed. I realized I’d confused ACME and ACE galleries, and went down the street to ACE, which was also closed. Then I realized ACE also had another location further west in Beverly Hills. If only I’d written down the address before I left home. So driving to BH, while stopped at a light, Zee shouts out from the sidewalk, “ARTHUR!” and I picked her up and we drove over to the actual opening. She’s always got such fun energy. But she decided to continue to the Santa Monica Pier to a concert there, and I headed into the opening. Immediately I found myself next to the gallery owner, whom I intended to ask about their web developer opening. It took a few minutes to take in the scene before I decided to talk to him, however. Busy as he was, I didn’t find him terribly receptive, but was glad to make the connection with the énfante terrible of the LA art scene. I liked the show and headed over to my later destination, where I had a great chat with a musician who’s had some rather astounding successes. Then I stumbled upon and poked my head into yet another opening of a rock photographer on Robertson, and finally headed home.

Today I managed to break through and finally finish the Flash video tutorials I’ve been putting off. I’ve got two actionscript tutorials lined up next – hopefully I can complete them. Some serious procrastination going on with these; plugging through the online training can be really tedious, but I need to learn them.

And I made some headway on a song a couple of days ago. The lyric framework is clear; the actual content doesn’t all fit together yet. My studio is rather ridden with little dysfunctionalities, but I’m ironing them out, bit by bit.

So I guess the meditations are breaking through some of the resistance.

I thought I’d mention a couple of sets that I think work really well together. It seems a lot of times a set will just work on the upper body or the lower body, or actually, there seem to be a lot that ignore the legs altogether. But the “Firing Up The Metabolism” set in “Self Experience” on page 11 works on the legs continually for quite a while. So I like to pair it with “Kriya to Open Your Wings” in Guru Prem’s “Divine Alignment” book. It takes quite some time to make it through both sets, but it’s an amazing workout, and really does something fantastic to you.

Not to mention that the first time I did them together, I went to an opening, and made a connection to my first art exhibition for my video work. That was interesting.There’s always a temptation to say, “well, if I do this set, I’ll get what I want,” and sometimes that happens, but sometimes it’s just a great pay-off of being able to show up in life with a good attitude, and be open to the gifts that lay along the path.

Right now I just need a paying gig. So I’m gonna keep plugging away at these and see if they help me follow through on the job hunt and projects I’m trying to get rolling.