Affirmation – A poem by Haripurkh Kaur Khalsa


If I need your approval to be great,

If your slander can tear me down,

If my dreams are subject to your opinion,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

If fear causes my surrender,

If doubt clouds my mind,

If my clarity is tarnished by my anger,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

If my aim in life lacks altitude,

If I am afraid to be great,

If the thought of failure holds me standing still,

Then god bless me,

For I am lost.

Everything I will ever need,

I have within my soul.

Everything I need to learn,

The universe will deliver.

Every truth that exists,

The infinity holds within.

Tap into that wisdom,

And let the rejoicing begin.

I will never be average.

I will fail 1,000 times at greatness,

Before I settle for good.

I will go out on the limb,

While the branch is breaking,

If I’m not falling down,

Then I’m not aiming high enough.

Fear is not a factor,

I can always get back up.

If something triggers my fear,

I will fight it until I have it conquered,

Or until I die…

Which ever comes first.

— Haripurkh Kaur Khalsa

(Guru Singh’s daughter)

This poem is published in a book of poems and illustrations by Miri Piri Academy students, available from Guru Singh’s wife, and I believe, through his website.

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