Yoga in the Park

So today I woke up with an ache in my foot, and felt all out-of-sorts, and nearly pulled a muscle in my back stretching around in my chair at the computer, finally relented and went to the park to do some yoga.

I’m still working on that “Sahib Parnaam” set with all the triangle pose pushups.


I did that and Subagh Kriya.

I was gonna try some others that helped with the navel center, but decided rather than try something new, I’d do sets I memorized already. Plus my allergies have been slightly acting up lately (the intoxicating night-blooming jasmine may not be helping), and sometimes that set helps a lot.

Doing yoga in the park seems a bit exhibitionistic, but you know, sometimes you just gotta do the things that help, and I get tired of practicing at home. Plus it was nice out today.

A week ago I did the pushup set in the same park, and it was amazing, and really turned my day around. It was the first time I’d been able to really keep up throughout most of it. So of course, the next day I decided to do it again, which didn’t work quite as well. (The arms get sore, etc.)

Today it was sort of tough, but not too bad. Triangle pose helped my sore foot immediately. I had this realization that if I just concentrated on using my navel center to lift me up after every pushup, it totally changed the experience of it. Of course as soon as I decided I’d found the key to doing it easily, it quit working. Then there’s the 12 minutes of tree pose. That was really the tough part this time, but when I lifted up up up it wasn’t so bad. I still bailed two minutes before the end. Oh well.

Then Subagh Kriya. So the second part involves criss-crossing your arms in front of you once per second. So I’d just started that section, and this little asian girl walks over in front of me, leaning forward a bit as if to believe what she’s really seeing, smiling. She walked right up in front of me, fascinated, looking right at me as I continued the exercise. Then her mom called her away. She ran away, and then came back and did the same thing again, until her mom called her away. I have this feeling some day she’ll be a Kundalini Yogini.

In the next section you roll your arms in circles, up in the air, chanting, “GOD” from the navel. I was doing all the sections for 11 minutes each today, looking at the clock quite frequently, it seemed. Around 6 minutes, I suddenly had this experience like I was shooting the word “GOD” from my navel, firing it out like a cannon ball, firing it out through my third eye. It was rather intense, but when I got fascinated with it, it faded. Then I got impatient for that section to end again.

In the next section, this poodle did exactly the same thing the girl had. He saw me, ran right in front of me, looking at me, fascinated, dropped his ball, cocked his head to the side, watching me continue. Then he barked, ran from side to side like dogs do. His momma owner came over and apologized, and said, “doing a little kundalini today huh?”

So a couple of tough sets today, left me feeling rather tired, not energized, for the subsequent encounters with those in my path. There’s a tendency to look for immediate results with Subagh Kriya, since it’s a prosperity set that makes some rather outlandish claims. I just was wishing I’d brought a meal with me, because by the time I got home I was famished and rather irritable.

Subagh Kriya:

So is God just gonna deliver whatever we want, even if we don’t deserve it? I think I can get caught up in just selfish expectations with it. One friend who did the set regularly for 40 days lost his job while he was doing it. So maybe the set doesn’t work? No, I really got the sense he was having to let go of something so he could take hold of something else. I’ve seen lots and lots of results with this set, which I’ve done more than any other. But not always prosperity in the form I expect or think I want. Sometimes better. Sometimes “not yet.” I think what’s good to bring to the set is a desire to let God’s prosperity flow through you, and that expands the prosperity for all.

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  1. I’ve had similar experiences when doing something for prosperity. Here I am doing it, hoping for immediate results and then bunch of bad stuff happens or lots of chaos. I’m still not where I want to be financially but it has been a challenge. It does make me wonder if my life would be better without having done the prosperity practices because it can cause so much disruption in life

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